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The Ōgiri Daigassen (大喜利大合戦) series was a competition segment in Gaki no Tsukai, which aired in late '90s and early 2000s in 15 episodes and two specials.

Ōgiri is a style of Japanese riddles in which a question is asked and you answer in the funniest way possible[note 1] and Ōgiri Daigassen can be translated as "Great Comedic Riddle Battle".

Many forms of riddle games were played, which include answering questions in order, a word order game while playing pop-up pirate, and guessing what's written on the card placed onto the forehead. The person who fails a round gets punished with the designated punishment, which includes the Chinko Machine, Monmari Machine and the Thai Kick. Two to three rounds are played for each game, and an episode can contain one to three games.


References and notes[]

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