The 24-Hour Tag is a batsu game for the losers in the "4 Vs 1 100m Relay Race" episode that aired on 17 October 1999. This batsu game is aired across three episodes (26 March, 2 April and 9 April 2000).

This game took place over the period of 24 hours where all the cast, except the victor Matsumoto, are locked in a sports arena, playing "tag" with various so-called "Oni" (who, here,—except for two or three instances {that were on film},—were men dressed in full-body black suits) that were "summoned" to attack at random moments, each with a specific type of punishment written on the suit to be inflicted whenever the victims were tagged. Downtown's manager (at the time) Fujiwara Hiroshi served as guide who brought provisions and announcements to the members.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only 24-hour batsu game where a clock is available, letting the members know of the time. Subsequent 24-hour batsu games has no visible clocks, as noted by members, to keep them guessing at the time.
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