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The Absolutely Tasty series is a segment within the Gaki no Tsukai show, in which the members compete to produce a tasty recipe around a dish. The series debuted in Fall 2003 with Rice and went for 13 parts, having a four year hiatus after the free-dish "cooking I wanted to try" segment in Fall 2012 before an Okonomiyaki episode aired in August 2016. The tagline of the series is "I always wanted to try this!" pronounced in the intro after the formulaic prefix, and each episode is styled as "Absolutely Tasty <dish name> Championship".

The dishes range from traditional Japanese dishes such as mochi, taiyaki, takoyaki, nabe and chawanmushi to western dishes such as pizza and pasta. In every case the dish serve as a base, and the members introduce toppings, fillings or otherwise add to the base ingredients. The added ingredients are either fresh produce and processed products (eg. vegetables, ginger, Frisk, and Japanese snacks) or sometimes other dishes in itself (e.g. a French full course and American fast foods in nabe).

The usual order in which the members proceed are as follows:

  1. Tanaka Naoki
  2. Endō Shōzō
  3. Tsukitei Hōsei
  4. Hamada Masatoshi
  5. Matsumoto Hitoshi

For each member, the dishes are tasted and rated by the other four members. On some occasions - usually Matsumoto's finale dishes - it is not rated and instead Heipo eats the dish.

A running gag in the series is Endo trying to incorporate Frisk, a brand of strong breath mint, into the dishes, saying that "it can go well with something" but always with disastrous results. Another is Matsumoto getting to have an extra grand finale dish that consists of very outlandish ingredients such as tuna head on pizza and a bear's paw in rice. Both gags were stopped on Takoyaki episode.

List of parts[]

# Ep. Name Air date
1 667 Absolutely Tasty Rice 2003-07-20
2 696 Absolutely Tasty Pizza 2004-02-22
3 713 Absolutely Tasty Taiyaki 2004-07-27
4 726 Absolutely Tasty Chawanmushi 2004-10-03
5 734 Absolutely Tasty Rice 2 * 2004-11-28
6 760 Absolutely Tasty Mochi 2005-06-05
7 784 Absolutely Tasty Tempura 2005-12-04
8 797 Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki 2006-03-12
9 834 Absolutely Tasty Nabe 2006-12-10
10 853 Absolutely Tasty Pasta 2007-05-06
11 1001 Absolutely Tasty Nukazuke 2010-04-18
12 1059 Absolutely Tasty Bibimbap 2011-06-19
13 1126 Cooking I Wanted To Try 2012-10-14
14 1317 Absolutely Tasty Okonomiyaki 2016-08-07

* Counted as part 2 of "Rice" in the series, so every subsequent segment's number is off from its ordinal number by one.


  • Tanaka and Housei wear aprons of each other's associated colour.