Chōno Masahiro (蝶野 正洋, Masahiro Chono) is an American-born, former professional wrestler, joining the New Japan Pro Wrestling league from 1984 to 2000 with the ring name Mister Jack Black, and going freelance afterwards.

His first appearance in Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai was in 2007's No-Laughing Hospital New Year Batsu Game, where his slap to Yamasaki Hosei would become a staple of future Batsu Games. Fans refer to him as one of the 'Veterans' of Batsu games. Usually his arrival is announced by him screaming GOD DAMN.


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After his appearance in No Laughing Hospital, Chono became a returning factor in every Batsu game afterwards, and only once slapped someone other than Yamasaki, taking his fustrations out on a confused Tanaka at least once. 



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