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The Chinko Machine (literally "Penis Machine", sometimes abbreviated as "CM") is an infamous contraption used as punishment in many Gaki no Tsukai segments. It consists of a rotary pneumatic piston at the base; attached to it is a rod (or catapult arm) that reaches around groin height from the base and tipped with a length leather or rubber pieces. The victim stands over it, and when the piston is activated the rod rotates and the business end of the machine hits the groin area.

List of appearances[]

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Within Gaki no Tsukai[]

Ōgiri Daigassen 10 - Kokontosai CM (quiz)
Three questions were asked by Hamada. Hotohara received two slaps, Endo received one.
Ōgiri Daigassen 11
Participants must recite a long, tongue twister-like promotion for the show (in the same fast-paced style that Hamada introduces Downtown episodes or segments) without stopping or stuttering. Only Yamazaki was able to recite the whole tongue twister.
Ōgiri Daigassen 13
Ōgiri Daigassen 14
Ōgiri Daigassen 15
24-Hour Tag
Kiki Yakisoba
Silent Library 2008

In other shows[]

Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Oddball segment (1 Aug 2006)
Featured as "Reason Number 261 (of 527) why Japanese television is better than ours"