Ingredients Edit


Kanji + Cucumber

Aimashi Chocolate Bar (Aimashi + Chocolate)

Baumkuchen Okonomiyaki (Baumkuchen + Okonomiyaki)

Miso soup coffee · consommé Coffee (coffee brewed with miso soup instead of boiling water or consommé soup)

Fruits Miso soup (various fruits + miso soup)

Shaved ice curry rice (frozen white rice, curry with shaved ice It is not evaluated)


Payang croquette (thing that made Peking sauce yakisoba croquette)"

Hamada 2 "Nigabashi (Haru sword fish's sweet rice + white rice)" = ×

, Hamada 3 "Carbonate osaruko (carbonate + zenzai + white ball)" = △


Meat wrapped Mitarashi dumpling (bacon + Mitarashi dumpling)" = ×,

Tropical Yuba (soy milk + shaved ice syrup)" ×,

"Seasoning Chocolate Ice (Sauce, Ponzu and etc are solidified and chocolate Coated ice) "= ×


Cinema sushi (popcorn · fried potato · fried chicken · potato chips sharry: cooked rice with coke)

Health rice ball (appetizer mix + rice ball, black oolong tea + onigiri)

Real green curry (curry + green juice, wasabi)


  • Apple Meat Filling (Apple + Minced Meat)
  • Ramen Sprinkle (Shattered Cup Ramen + White Rice)
  • Variant Winner (Anko, Tea Soba, Pumpkin, What I did)