Downtown no Gaki No Tsukai ya Arahende Wiki

This page will serve as an interim roadmap for things to do for the wiki.

# Description Status
1 Create pages for major shows featuring the main cast INCOMPLETE
2 Create pages for main, supporting, and recurring cast of the above shows. This may end up involving a lot of the genin. INCOMPLETE
3 Create all segment pages for GnT and GeK INCOMPLETE
4 Create all episode pages for segments INCOMPLETE
5 Create all Batsu Game pages INCOMPLETE
6 Set up sensible categorization scheme for the pages TBD
7 Create pages to explain key Japanese terms and concepts see Glossary
8 Create templates INCOMPLETE
9 Image uploading and naming (at least one per page, see below) INCOMPLETE

List will be updated/added to on further feedback.

Show List[]


See Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!#Cast

This wiki apparently uses the Modified Hepburn Romanization scheme, with the ūs and ōs. Also, it uses Japanese name order and not Western name order. I suppose a redirect page be made for the Traditional Hepburn Romanized names (with uus and oos).

Segments and episodes[]

Episode pages are to follow these major lists on the subreddit:


The following is my suggested categorization scheme:

  • Browse
    • Shows
      • [Show name] (see note #1)
    • Cast (implies GnT)
      • Main Cast (implies GnT)
      • Supporting Cast (implies GnT)
      • Recurring Cast (implies GnT)
    • Segments (implies GnT)
      • [Segment name] - to be applied to every episode pages
    • Episodes - for all episode pages (implies GnT)
    • Terminology - for pages explaining Japan-specific topics
  1. For every major show, a category can be made. This category page will in turn be under the Shows category. Child subcategories can be made for the cast, segment and episode, but will include the show name in it (e.g. Main Lincoln Cast)
  2. Follow Wikipedia's category naming guide


Hatnotes and notices
Special data templates
  • {{ATscore}} - score for the Absolutely Tasty series
  • {{Member}} - coloured links for the five major members of GnT
    • To Do: Include all supporting cast. Template will become a handy short form template


Where to find

Official images are preferred, but in its absence a good quality screenshot is allowed. Suggested places to look for images (in order of preference):

  1. Yoshimoto Kogyo's website, GnT's official website, and other official websites
  2. the subreddit
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Good quality screenshots
  5. Personal GnT fansites
Naming of images

AVOID DIRECTLY UPLOADING THE IMAGES WITH THE NAME AS IS! We're trying to be collaborative here, and seeing hundreds of numbered and "vlcsnap" images is not going to help at all towards that end. [Re]Name the images according to the subject matter.