The Genkai (限界?) series is a segment in Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! in which the members try and order items at shops and restaurants with increasingly corrupted pronunciation to a point when the corruptions makes ordering the correct item no longer possible.

For example, for one challenge, they started with ordering "ice coffee" at a cafe, then switched to "ice moffee", "nice coffee", "mice moffee", "nice coach", "aisou warai" (a phrase meaning "pretending to laugh when it's not funny"), "coffee coffee", "atsui coffee" (meaning "hot coffee"), "tansu nouhin" ("dresser delivery"), "aitsu mouii" ("i've had enough of that guy"), "high society", "iron hero", and finally "OuYang FeiFei" (a Chinese singer). Predictably, the waiter/waitress becomes confused and either gives up trying to understand or berates the person ordering.

Other challenges include: Hiyashi Chuuka "cold noodles", Mild Seven "a cigarette brand", Katsu Kare "pork cutlet and curry rice", Chashumen "ramen noodles with chashu pork", Naporitan (Neapolitan) "spaghetti-like noodles", and Omuraisu "rice with ketchup and egg".