Kon-ya ga Yamada (今夜が山田 or 今夜がやまだ~ - literally "Tonight Is Yamada!"; Real name: David Hossein - デビッド・ホセイン)

Doctor Konya ga Yamada

David Hossein

- He is the former manager of Thane Camus. He played a role as a ringside doctor in Dynamite Shikoku's wrestling matches (Dynamite being a character played by Endō). During the "No Laughing" batsu games, he says his name over and over in different variations (sometimes singing it) while the cast try to sleep. ("Kon-ya ga yama da" means "Tonight is crucial" in Japanese, but Yamada intentionally mispronounces, breaks up, or makes strange mutations of the phrase, such as "Hon-ya ga yama da", translated as "The Bookstore is crucial", etc).