Obachan Ichi-go

Obachan Ichigo (おばちゃん一号, literally Old Lady #1, also known as "Hip-shaking Obachan") (real name Asami Chiyoko) - an elderly women who often appear in the batsu games, dressed in strange outfits (on one occasion they dressed as t.A.T.u.) or getting the cast into compromising positions. A running gag is that of cast members being forced to French kiss Obachan Ichigo.

List of appearancesEdit

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Shichi Henge - "Hip-shaking Obachan" (1997)
No-Laughing in Yugawara 2004
As Darth Vader, who enters the room and kisses Hamada.
Kiki Series - Episode 15 - Instant Miso Soup 2004
As a punishment for incorrectly guessing which soup they had tasted.
No-Laughing High School 2005
Together with Obachan Sango, act as police officers that stop the school bus for improper parking.
No-Laughing Hospital 2007
As a trap in an MRI scanning machine, which pushes the victim's face against hers, resulting in a kiss.
No-Laughing Prison 2014
In the Onigokko segment, appears in Matsumoto's cell when an incorrect key is used and French-kissing him.
No-Laughing Detective Agency 2015