The Technician Challenge series is a series of sex-related challenges from Matsumoto to the other regular members, expanding in later series to include some semi-regulars. Matsumoto sends a letter, including a hand-drawn map, to the assembled other members through his manager. The manager leads the members to Matsumoto, who explains the challenge. Each challenge is sex-related and comes with an appropriate punishment for the lowest achiever. The first challenge was speed bra-unhooking, where the members had to unhook the bras on a certain number of mannequins as quickly as possible. Other challenges include speed kissing (kissing plastic lips on the walls while traveling through a corridor), speed nipple-play (pressing the nipples of mannequins with bells for breasts), speed hip movement (pumping an air pump using their hips), and speed panty removal (removing the panties from ten mannequins using only their feet). The punishments all followed the theme of the challenge (speed bra-unhooking had the worst achiever walk around town wearing a bra, speed panty removal had the worst achiever walk around town wearing panties on his head).

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