Yamasaki Produce 3 is the third episode of Yamasaki Produce. It is Episode #872 of Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! and aired on the 30th of September, 2007.

This episode features three songs: '恋の沈丁花', 'マリアンヌ隊員', and '宇宙の子守歌'.

The songs have been written and composed by Yamasaki Hōsei. They are performed by Hamada Masatoshi ft. Yashiro Aki, Endō Shōzō ft. Diamond Yukai, and Matsumoto Hitoshi + Tanaka Naoki ft. Yuki Saori respectively.

Cast Edit

Supporting Cast Edit

  • Yashiro Aki
  • Diamond Yukai
  • Yuki Saori

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact that the word '宇宙' (universe) in '宇宙の子守歌' is commonly pronounced uchuu, Yamasaki manipulates its pronunciation in the song title to 空 / そら (Sora, sky).

Songs Edit

Koi no Jinchouge
Love's Winter Daphne
Hamada Masatoshi
ft. Yashiro Aki
Mariannu Taīn
Marianne Troops
Endō Shōzō
ft. Diamond Yukai
Sora no Komori Uta
The Universe's Lullaby
Matsumoto Hitoshi, Tanaka Naoki
ft. Yuki Saori