Yamasaki VS Moriman (山崎 VS モリマン Yamasaki VS Moriman?) is a series of comedic fighting bouts between Yamasaki and Holstein Morio of the female comedian duo Moriman. The main running gag is that Yamasaki has never won a match since 1996.

The event also features Endo's wrestling alter ego Dynamite Shikoku. He is accompanied to the ring by 2 women in kimonos and proceeds to fight in a match. The running gag is that he pulls a leg muscle during the match, and he always loses. After being checked out by the ringside doctor (Konya ga Yamada), the match ends and Shikoku stands back up to address the crowd. After the speech he invites the crowd to join him in his trademark dance and is promptly taken out of the ring in a stretcher.